Monday, 19 July 2010

Sea Bird Nest Q and A

Q. What is all natural sea bird nests make of? How does it benefit the body?

A. All natural sea bird nests main ingredients include sea natural aquatic plate proteins and enzymes derived from essence of the sea. It has high collagen content. Which aids in skincare, digestion & improve gut motility. Its rich source of iron helps to increase body’s storing and creation of iron & red blood cells content. This enhances oxygen carrying capacity of blood and improves blood circulation. Its good source of calcium helps to build healthier & stronger bones. By replenishing body’s calcium, it can also prevent osteoporosis. As it contains all pure natural products, there are no side effects and is suitable for long term consumption.

Q. How do all natural sea bird nests alleviate osteoporosis and joint pain?

A. All natural sea bird nests has a high calcium content, as much as 600 times more then what we can obtain from animal sources. In other words, consuming 1kg of all natural sea bird nests is equivalent to consuming 600kg of meat in terms of calcium content. The high content of calcium and collagen rapidly replenish cartilage erosion and calcify the bones, thus reducing pains caused by cartilage & bones inflammation while increasing bone density.

Q. How important is iron in our body?

A. The lack of iron results in iron deficient anemia, fatigue and inadequate oxygen carrying capacity of blood. With all natural sea bird nest’s high iron content, which is equivalent to 28 times the amount found in pork liver, is an essential component for the formation of healthy red blood cells, scientifically known as haemopoiesis (blood forming).

Q. What is collagen? How does it benefit out body?

A. Collagen recently has become a hot topic among numerous cosmetic product. Its effects are well known and widespread throughout the body. Not only for its anti-aging and skin repair abilities, collagen is needed to maintain the integrity of blood vessels and act as a structural support for cartilage, tendon, tissues and even the cornea of the eyes. As collagen is present in large amount in all natural sea bird nests, it accelerates the healing process of our skin, prevent outbreaks, ease blemishes and lighten scar marks, leaving your skin radiant & supple.

Q. Why should we consume dietary fiber?

A. According to the dietary guidelines given by Ministry of Health, an adult should consume around 25-30g of dietary fibers a day to meet his daily needs. However, according to surveys conducted, most working adults consumed less then this required amount due to hectic lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. Dietary fibers are the indigestible portion of plant